Area & Perimeter Guarding

HTM Perimeter and Area Guarding

Coil line, robotic cell, turret presses or similar perimeter guarding requirements may be protected by the HTM body protection light curtain system. A transmitter/receiver optics pair will detect front area access to the process area and initiate line shut down if personnel enter the processing zone. A second set may be added to guard the back side of the process, if required. Alternatively, mirrors and stands are available to provide 3 sided protection zones.

Safety system reset can be automatic or require manual reset via customer supplied key lock switch.

HTM Electronics 2, 3, or 4 beam category 4 control reliable body protection optics systems are available with 21.37″ to 48.93″ high protective zones. These perimeter guarding systems require a 24 vdc power supply and safety relay in addition to the optics. Scanning range is .5 to 25 meters.

HTM Electronics SE4-Q Series Safety Light Curtains

HTM Electronics SE4-Q Series Safety Light Curtains

Laser Light Safety Scanner – OMRON Scientific Technologies, Inc.

Laser Light Safety Scanner

Laser Light Safety Scanner

      • Safety range of 4 m
      • Easily configurable software
      • Intrusion indicators immediately identify safety zone encroachment
      • Two-digit numeric display for diagnostic codes
      • LED indicators for status and diagnostics
      • Two separate detection sets (each with one safety zone and one warning zone) can be externally selected
      • Choice of two scanning configuration modes: graphic coordinate or sculpting
      • Two PNP safety outputs designed to directly switch machine primary control elements (MPCE) at 625 mA, 24 VDC
      • Auxiliary output for Warning Zone
    Laser Light Safety Scanner for perimeter guarding

    Laser Light Safety Scanner for Perimeter Guarding

      • Operating Modes: Automatic Start, Start Interlock and Start/Restart Interlock
      • EDM/MPCE monitoring
      • No separate control box required
      • Response time as fast as 80 ms
      • Compact size – 155 x 182 x 156 mm (6.1 x 7.2 x 6.1 in.)

      MillerEdge Safety Mats for Auxiliary and Area Guarding

      Safety mats, also known as safe guarding mats, provide reliable, cost-effective area guarding. Safety mats are presence sensing safety devices (PSSD) used to monitor protected areas. A single mat or multiple mats may be wired to a control device which is considered a category 4 safety device; however, the mats themselves are not category 4. Accordingly, mats are best suited for auxiliary guarding and area guarding where the likelihood of serious injury such as amputation, crushing, etc. does not exist.

      MillerEdge Safety Mats

      MillerEdge Safety Mats

      MillerEdge safe guarding mats consists of two conductive Alumaglas plates held apart by non-conductive compressible foam separators.

      Upon mat activation, the non-conductive separator compresses, allowing the two plates to make contact. This increases the overall sensitivity of the mat surface.

      • Presence sensing safety device (PSSD)
      • Diamond or ribbed texture
      • Safety category 3
      • Heavy-duty ribbed vinyl or diamond top for the maximum in anti-slip design
      • Assured weight detection of 30kg per 80mm diameter disk (66 lbs. per 3 1/8″ diameter disk)
      • 1000 square meters maximum detection zone
      • 4 wire “No Dead Zone” construction
      • 10-Ton forklift truck capacity

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