New London Engineering Conveyor Systems

New London Engineering specializes in steel hinge belt conveyors for scrap removal and heavy duty general purpose flat and cleated belt conveyors. The steel hinge belt conveyors are custom made to suit individual applications and are available as straight sections, L shapes, and Z shapes with individual infeed, incline, and discharge sections. A wide range of belted conveyors are made as standard product with built to order products available.

Production Resources offers application assistance based on your particular material and/or scrap handling requirements. Call one of our application engineers for help with conveyors for automated assembly, industrial materials handling, scrap handling, food handling, and medical materials handling.


Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

NLE Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

NLE Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors are used to convey virtually any type of metal scrap. These rugged, heavy-duty conveyors are designed for long-term, low-maintenance operations in industrial, scrap, steel chip and fastener applications. They are ideally suited for carrying hot, oily parts from punch presses, forging machines, etc., to drums or hoppers. Various apron, side-wing, side-rail and frame designs are available.


SteelTrak™ Model 721 conveyorSteelTrak™ Model 722 conveyorSteelTrak™ Model 725 conveyor
SteelTrak™ Model 721

• The industry’s most economical and dependable hinged steel belt
• Designed for almost any industrial application

SteelTrak™ Model 722

• Provides SteelTrak™ features when space is limited – 6-5/8″ frame vs. 8-1/2″
• Designed for light to medium industrial applications

SteelTrak™ Model 725

• Provides SteelTrak™ features when infeed space is very limited – 5-3/8″ infeed
• Designed to fit under existing machines


Model 7212-1/2″1-1/2″ high on 12-1/2″ centers1-1/8″ high on 12-1/2″ centers8-1/2″125″1/2 HP, 3 phase
Model 7222-1/2″1″ high on 12-1/2″ centers5/8″ high on 12-1/2″ centers6-5/8″124.25″1/2 HP, 3 phase
Model 7252-1/2″1″ high on 12-1/2″ centers5/8″ high on 12-1/2″ centersInfeed 5-3/8″ Discharge 6-5/8″124.25″1/2 HP, 3 phase
Model 7272-1/2″1″ high on 12-1/2″ centers5/8″ high on 12-1/2″ centersTapered infeed 6-5/8″ – 4-1/8″ Discharge 6-5/8″124.25″1/2 HP, 3 phase
Model 7514″10 GA 3″ high on 12″ centers7 GA 2-3/8″ high on 12″ centers15-1/4″108″1/2 HP, 3 phase
Model 7606″4″ high on 48″ centers21-3/4″Struc. Steel12″3 HP, 3 phase


SteelTrak™ Model 727 conveyorSteelTrak™ Model 751 conveyorSteelTrak™ Model 760 conveyor
SteelTrak™ Model 727

• “Tapered” frame depth (6-5/8″ to 4-1/8″ to 6-5/8″) is designed to fit inside or under an existing machine

SteelTrak™ Model 751

• Designed for medium to heavy industrial applications

SteelTrak™ Model 760

• Designed for heavy industrial applications
• Access panels full length are standard


Flat Belt Conveyors

New London’s full line of slider belt conveyors are suitable in production, assembly, inspection, packaging and warehouse operations.

NLE Flat Belt Conveyors

NLE Flat Belt Conveyors

  • Model 200 – A versatile, multipurpose conveyor built for a long-term, low-maintenance operation in production and packaging operations.
  • Model 210 – A versatile, medium-duty conveyor offering a shallow frame depth, long bed lengths and low maintenance in production, assembly and packaging operations.
  • Model 220 – Built for heavy-duty use and versatility in production/manufacturing applications. Designed for extended use, low maintenance and long component life.
  • Model 250 – Low-profile conveyor designed for light duty use in limited space, ideal for moving items such as small punchings or stampings. Designed for easy positioning, easy adjustment and low maintenance.


Cleated Belt Conveyors

NLE Cleated Belt Conveyors

NLE Cleated Belt Conveyors

New London’s tough cleated belts are designed for applications where material needs to move up an incline and/or be controlled within a space on the conveyor belt. Conveyors are available in a variety of belt widths, lengths, and cleat spacing and can be made to order. Conveyors can be mobile or floor mounted.

  • Model 500 – Medium duty conveyor with a standard cleated belt. Designed so that the incline angle and height are set by easy adjustments to undercarriage. Unit may be mobile or floor mounted.
  • Model 505 – This heavy duty parts conveyor is available with belt widths from 12″ to 36″, optional hoppers from two cubic feet, stock frames from 5′ to 12′ and optional magnetic separators.
  • Model 521 – An L shaped conveyor offering horizontal infeed section and a vertical incline for use in parts handling/separator applications. It’s mobile and features a low-profile infeed for easy placement under machines.


Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors

New London wire mesh conveyor

Wire Mesh Conveyor

New London wire-mesh conveyors are ideal for special processing and high heat applications, or when keeping products separate from liquid. Horizontal wire mesh conveyors are available in a wide variety of widths, lengths, and mesh spacing. Conveyors are made to order to suit your individual application.

Light to medium-duty wire mesh conveyors designed to handle special applications with a variety of special deck options including rollers, longitudinal wear strips and herringbone wear strips.

  • 1/2″ x 1″ galvanized flat-wire mesh, clinched-selvage belt or mesh styles available
  • Belt widths of 12-36″
  • Custom belt widths available
  • 60fpm belt speed or optional variable speed drives
  • High-efficiency 1/2hp 230/460/3/60 TEFC motor
  • Grease-sealed, self-aligning ball bearings
  • Belt carrying surface
    • Herringbone stainless steel wear strips on top, rollers on return
    • 2″ diameter x 16-gauge rollers on 6″ centers on top, rollers on return
    • Longitudinal high-D wear strips on top, rollers on return
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