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Magnetic Filters

MPI filtration and coolant cleaning products are used to separate tramp metal and fines from machine lubrication systems. They are often used as complementary to existing filtration in order to extend lubricant life, improve machine life, and/or improve part quality.

MPI Filtramag™

The Filtramag™ magnetic filter removes ferrous, carbide, stainless steel and grinding media contamination from the coolants you use in cutting and grinding.

Filtramag™ removes particles as small as sub–micron size, smaller than can be extracted by traditional filters.

Mpi filtramag™
MPI Filtramag™

Install Filtramag™ and:

  • Eliminate disposal costs
  • Extend the life of other filters
  • Increase part accuracy
  • Improve part finish
  • Extend the life of fluids
  • Reduce part and machinery wear

Suitable for: grinding, diesinking, wirecutting, honing, lapping, laser cutting, part washing and more!

MPI Eco-Mag™

Eco-Mag™ can benefit any industry or application where liquids, such as lubricants, coolants, cleansers and hydraulic fluids pick up unwelcome ferrous, para-magnetic and grinding medium particles.

Mpi eco-mag™
MPI Eco-Mag™

Install Eco-Mag™ and:

  • Extend the life of your filters
  • Extend the life and efficiency of fluids
  • Eliminate your disposal costs
  • Reduce part wear on your machinery
  • Improve the finish of your products
  • Recycle contaminated waste

Suitable for: grinding, diesinking, wirecutting, honing, lapping, laser cutting, part washing and more!
If the particle is magnetic, Eco-Mag™ will remove it!

The Eco-Mag™ magnetic filter incorporates ultra powerful “rare earth” magnetic material. This material produces extremely high magnetic flux fields, ensuring consistent performance over a life of up to 50 years!

Mpi eco-mag™ filter
MPI Eco-Mag™ Filter

The advantages of Eco-Mag™ magnetic filtration:

  • Sub-micron filtration efficiency. If the particle is magnetic, the Eco-Mag™ will remove it, even down to a size of less than 1 micron.
  • No loss of fluid due to changing oil sodden cartridges.
  • No pressure drop, even when fully loaded with contamination, thanks to the patent-pending magnetic circuit design.
  • No moving parts and no maintenance required. Operator is only required to remove contamination once it is full.
  • No consumables required, ever!
  • Reduced environmental impact. Contamination is removed as recyclables semi-dry metallic material – no need to dispose of dirty cartridges.
  • Abrasives and non-magnetic contamination also removed by means of hetero-coagulation.
  • Reduced downtime, increased productivity.
  • Visual inspection of fluid being filtered.


MPI Automag

Automag is a self cleaning fully automated magnetic filter.

The advantages of Automag automatic filtration include:

  • Non consumables such as filter cartridges or media
  • Operates on a low volume of compressed air
  • Operates 24/7 without operator intervention
  • No fluid loss – dry cake disposal
  • No pressure line increase or backpressure
  • Sub micron filtration to ensure clean fluids

Automag uses powerful rare earth magnetic material to improve the quality, efficiency, and performance of manufacturing and finishing processes. It is a fully automatic, self cleaning magnetic filter that removes all magnetic debris down to sub-micron size, from cutting fluids and oils. This ensures clean fluid is available at the cutting face resulting in an enhanced surface finish, reduced inspection time, and reduced scrap.

Mpi automag
MPI Automag

Automag filters are commonly used in these applications:

  • Grinding, honing, and tapping
  • CNC machines
  • Fine Finishing operations
  • Industrial parts washing
  • Pump protection
  • Quenching
  • Drill head operations


MPI XCC Extreme Magnetic Coolant Cleaner

The XCC coolant cleaner uses a technological breakthroughs in magnetic material allow MPI’s Extreme Magnetic Coolant Cleaner (XCC) to capture significantly more ferrous swarf as compared to other magnetic cleaners. MPI’s Coolant Cleaner boasts a durable stainless steel cleaning surface that will not wear out. There are a number of ways to filter coolant, but many of those involve the labor intensive, time-consuming and, frankly, distasteful, removal of swarf. The XCC is a continuous cleaning magnetic separator that removes grinding swarf from the coolant flow and deposits it directly into a disposal bin, eliminating the need and costs associated with collecting, transporting and dumping waste materials. As swarf is removed, fluids are fed back into the reservoir tank, providing a much drier “cake” than comparative magnetic coolant cleaners. A drier cake means fewer messy, oily pools around machinery, and improved coolant recovery, reducing consumable costs. Magnetic technology is green, and substantially reduces both the need to buy costly consumables and the associated downtime required to change paper filters

Before & after mpi xcc extreme magnetic coolant cleaner
Before & After MPI XCC Extreme Magnetic Coolant Cleaner

Typical oily swarf shown before and after cleaning by the XCC. Swarf turns into dry easy-to-process “cake”.

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