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Dorner Pallet Conveyor Systems Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

Production Resources Team
June 17, 2021

Dorner’s pallet system conveyors offer important advantages over belt conveyors. These advantages are particularly important in manufacturing operations that require automated and manual assembly or handling of products like:

  • Automotive components
  • Medical devices
  • Electronics
  • Electrical parts

Other applications include no- and low-back pressure accumulation, appliance manufacturing, tray and pallet handling, and cleanroom operations.

Pallet conveyors also are useful for applications like product testing and inspection as well as many automation-focused applications that require exact movements and positioning of parts. The key here is the operator’s ability to set the conveyors to start and stop at specific intervals to sync up with robotic interaction or other processes.

Another important feature of Dorner’s pallet conveyor systems is their use of rollers to move pallets. This reduces friction, which is often a by-product of belt conveyors. Friction can cause dusting, debris and contamination that’s unacceptable in higher level cleanrooms. Additionally, the open construction prevents small parts from dropping into the rollers, damaging the conveyor.

Dorner’s pallet conveyors also feature innovative lifting modules that can be used to:

  • Interface with robots
  • Rotate product 90° or 180°
  • Change product orientation

Accuracy is another distinct advantage of using Dorner’s pallet system conveyors, a critical consideration for operations that require pinpoint placement of pallets. Dorner’s lift and location station delivers repeatability of 0.002”.

The pallet conveyors offer a wide range of customization, including:

  • Flexible plastic chain belt designs
  • Dual belt configurations powered by common drives
  • Heavy load applications
  • Tight turns
  • Vertical transfer units

The ERT250, one of Dorner’s pallet conveyor systems, features a patent-pending design for its linear drive box. The design offers:

  • A series of upper and lower driver gears that provide roller movement
  • A sealed gearbox housing that eliminates contaminants in a cleanroom environment
  • The ability to create conveyor zones by simply removing a lower gear

Belted conveyors usually require stops to keep parts separated, but the ERT250 more efficiently separates pallets. The operator can locate the drive and gearmotor on any gear to create the necessary zones for any application.

Production Resources has years of expertise with Dorner conveyors. Contact us today for the pallet conveyor system that meets your needs.

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