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PRI Swift Pages HeaderNew Servo Wire Feed by Rapid Air

a tough unit that was manufactured with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and is ready to deliver you the highest, most accurate production times. Choose from our WS250 with two feed rolls that maximize traction and minimize markings, or our WS500 which doubles up by featuring four feed rolls.

The WS250 handles a maximum wire diameter of .250” with a minimum of .020”, while the WS500 modeloffers from a .080” wire diameter up to .500” diameter. Both of these robust models have a minimum feedlength of .001” up to the maximum feed length of 999.999”.

Paired with our ½” round stock cutter on our machine base makes for a complete round stock cut-to-length solution. Rapid Air takes pride in offering you a comprehensive range of reliable air feeds, servos, straighteners,cut-to-length machines and reels.

Press Room Equipment Co. Heavy Duty Coil Handling and Feeding Equipment

Havy-Duty Coil Cradle Straightener combinations handle coil widths to 60” and material thickness to .300”. Standard coil weight capacities are 6,000, 10,000, and 20,000 pounds .Powered/Pull through straighteners, and stock reels also available.

Servo feeds
Stock thickness capacity to .375 in, Stock widths up to 72 in.
Available in 3.25”, 4.50”, or 5.50” roll diameters
Pull-thru straighteners available
Custom rolls for feeding shapes and extrusions
Waddington hight speed high accuracy servo feeds

Air Feeds
Press Room Equipment Double Gripper Air Feeds are designed with the material grippers on a common carriage for accurate and controlled material feeding, proving especially effective with thin and/or flexible materials that require gripping on both sides for fast smooth and accurate feeding.

Fastest, most precise, most compact, and easiest to adjust air feed
Standard feed widths 24 to 48 in.
Standard feed lengths 6 to 48 in.
Pull-Thru Straighteners available
Crank operated stroke length adjustment with digital read-out
Pilot release circuit
Dual Hydraulic shock cushion for accuracy and long life
Both grippers on common feed block for precise control and easy width adjustment


Major Tier 1 Automotive installs our new MPI underground scrap system

Conveyor specs:
3 different conveyor section; 175’ long, 185’ long and 83’ long. All 24 inches wide. Located in a pit approximately 6 feet below floor level.
Conveyor system rated for 15,000 pounds of scrap per hour.

What did it replace:
We replaced an aging “steel belt” conveyance system with a shaker system. Customer had over 450 feet of underground steel belts that conveyed scrap out of the
building and into a scrap distribution system. This system was being fed from 13 presses.
They were plagued with consistent weekly downtime due to failing steel belts jams.
Whenever one does break down, the ones feeding it typically keep feeding onto the broken
one until someone notices.
The situation needed a better solution.

The shaker system eliminates the issue of scrap getting caught in between the steel cleats and depositing the scrap underneath the conveyor and causing a massive build up of scrap in the pit. This also caused long term damage to the conveyor frames. All scrap that landed on the shaker pan was distributed to the large incline conveyor to deposit the scrap into scrap trailers.

see video here


We’re ready to help you with all your pressroom equipment needs.


We handle:

Straightside mechanical and servo presss 80-1200 tons
servo driven transfer systems
servo feeds, straighteners, reels, and compact coil lines
low profile belted conveyors for part and scrap handling
shaker & slug removal conveyors – in die lubrication systems
light & medium duty air/servo feeds, pallet decoilers, & straighteners
high speed & specialty servo feeds, precision stock straighteners
Press automation & safety controls

Call Steve Connolly 216 559-1464 or email for:
In plant application assistance, OSHA/ANSI compliance surveys, and Quotes.

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