Dorner Conveyor Application Features Product as Pallet

Dorner Conveyor


When a customer needed to transport 80-pound battery cells glued inside painted steel module housings through its facility, Dorner Manufacturing Corp. had a solution.

Aside from the heavy weight of the batteries, another complicating factor was the need for electrostatic dissipative timing belts due to the batteries being conveyed without using pallets.

Dorner based its solution on its 2200 Precision Move Pallet System conveyors, which are designed to offer accurate positioning and routing of parts for assembly, robotic and inspection applications.

In this application, Dorner began with the batteries being in-fed from a laser welder directly onto a 2200 Series Heavy Load Precision Move Pallet Conveyor. The next step uses a Lift & Transfer module to transfer the batteries 90 degrees.

The next stop is an enclosure unit equipped with a Lift & Rotate module, which pneumatically lifts from the center of the conveyor and rotates the batteries to the desired orientation. Able to support up to 200 pounds, these modules include break-away magnetic coupled rotation plates for product safety in case of a malfunction. Other safety features include the enclosure itself, which protects workers from high speed units, and safety interlock switches on all access points.

The batteries then travel to two pneumatic Stop & Lift modules, which serve as operator assembly stations. Cushioned pallet stops that are pneumatically activated with spring returns are incorporated into all Stop & Lift modules in this application.

After the assembly stations, the batteries move to a second Lift & Transfer module, where they are transferred 90 degrees left or right to a testing station.

After testing, the batteries return to the Lift & Transfer module, which lowers to allow the batteries to pass over the unit. Working in conjunction with the lifts are E-stop/release push button stations.

The batteries move on to two more operator assembly stations equipped with lift and stop units, and then a crane removes the batteries from the line and onto the next phase.

The customer reports two important developments thanks to the new system: production has increased to 20 batteries per hour, and worker safety has improved because the belt is used as a protectant when conveying conductive materials that can produce electrostatic charges.

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