Production Resources Helps Resolve Auto Supplier’s Scrap Handling Logjam

That’s just the problem one of our customers was having. This major Tier 1 automotive supplier operated more than 450 feet of underground steel belts to remove scrap from 13 presses.

The system was supposed to convey scrap out of the building and into a scrap distribution system. But failing steel belts routinely jammed, creating a cascading effect as the other conveyors continued to move scrap into the logjam until someone finally noticed and shut the system down for maintenance. In the meantime, the scrap caught in the steel belts caused additional scrap to be dumped on the floor, accumulating in huge piles.

The failures created weekly downtime, affecting the line’s productivity, and caused long-term damage to the conveyor frames.


When our customer brought its challenge to Production Resources, we knew we could provide a better solution. The keystone to resolving the issue was MPI’s M-1000 Electric Scrap Shaker Conveyor.  Featuring a center-mounted drive and pans made of 7-gauge carbon steel, the M-1000 delivered the durability and reliability our customer needed.

Our solution comprised three sections of 24-inch-wide M-1000 in lengths of 175 feet, 185 feet and 83 feet. The conveyor was assembled in a pit six feet below floor level.

MPI’s shaker system eliminated the issue of scrap getting caught in between steel cleats – and eliminated the resulting jams that caused so much lost time. All the scrap from the 13 presses now lands on the shaker pan and is distributed to a large incline conveyor that deposits the scrap into scrap trailers outside the plant. The new conveyor system is rated for 15,000 pounds of scrap per hour, more than meeting the auto supplier’s needs.

The M-1000 features all the usual MPI advantages, including:

  • A patented electric drive design that allows for near silent operation and excellent scrap transfer speeds to keep up with even the most challenging scrap handling jobs
  • Maintenance-free RST (Rubber Suspension Technology) bearings that support the pans, reducing metal contact points and friction locations
  • Heavy duty structural steel stanchions anchored to the floor with concrete anchors to support the pan system
  • Leveling pads that ensure a proper, level installation

Production Resources has years of experience helping customers overcome their most difficult conveying challenges. Contact us today for the assistance you need.

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