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Dorner Accumulation Conveyors for Your Unique Needs

Production Resources Team
February 19, 2020

Your operations aren’t always one fluid, smooth-flowing process. Sometimes, there’s overflow to be dealt with. Other times, product needs to be buffered or lines merged.

In those cases, Dorner Conveyors has you covered. Using low-friction belting, their accumulation conveyors are designed specifically for these instances and much more.

Here’s a quick round-up of Dorner’s accumulation conveyor lines:

Single, Low Back Pressure Conveyors

This option allows product to accumulate on a single low-friction belt to keep items from falling or tipping.

Helix and Alpine Conveyors

These compact systems make efficient use of vertical space and are ideally suited for facilities facing space constraints.

Recirculating Conveyors

this solution incorporates belts running in opposite directions to continually recirculate items.

Rotary Accumulation Tables

these systems, often used with round bottles or containers, allow product to accumulate for manual or automated discharge in a small footprint, making them a great choice for facilities with limited space.

  • Buffering product between order selection and order assembly
  • Merging multiple conveyors into a single stream
  • Loading conveyors for route delivery or building orders from multiple areas
  • Smoothing irregularities between processes in an operation

Every Dorner accumulation conveyor solution is customized to meet each customer’s unique needs, decreasing product damage and increasing efficiency. Production Resources has years of expertise helping customers develop the best configuration for their specific requirements.

Each solution takes into consideration factors like:

  • Product size, shape and weight
  • The available area for equipment
  • The amount of required accumulation time

Contact us today to identify the right Dorner accumulation conveyor for your application.

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