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Add Functionality with a Dorner Retractable Conveyor

Production Resources Team
August 31, 2020

A retractable conveyor or retracting tail from Dorner Manufacturing Corp. can add valuable flexibility and functionality to your conveyor line.

Applications include:

  • Ejecting rejected or contaminated products
  • Routing product into multiple lines
  • Depositing products on a tray or another conveyor

Deposited products can be either placed in a pattern or simply dropped. Multiple drop zones can easily be included.

Retractable conveyors can also provide employee access to the other side of the line.

Each conveyor is custom designed and built for its specific application. Dorner has developed its retractable conveyors for quick and easy cleaning. They work well in both industrial and sanitary environments.

A retractable conveyor typically operates on slides or rails. Activation options include sensors and push buttons, and manual retraction is also available. Depending on the application, retraction can occur infrequently with low accuracy, or it can reoccur every few seconds with precision. High-speed retracting tails can extend or retract 36 inches in 0.6 seconds.

Production Resources can help configure a Dorner retractable conveyor that’s right for your operation. Contact us today for the assistance you need.

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