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Additional Manufacture Lines

AWC designs and manufactures the largest variety of dereelers (payoffs) for spring wire, wire forming, weld wire, coiled steel, coiled tubing, and much more. They also manufacture a fine line of tension controlled take-ups, precision level layer rewind systems, and our unique lot control systems.
Founded in 1983 by Peter Bachhuber, Bachhuber Mfg. Corp. started out as a one-man operation in a 500 sq. ft. building, after he designed and built the first Model-100 BMC Punch Press Unloader.  A totally mechanically operated unit, this press unloader not only resulted in a quieter and safer shop, but also proved to be a great profit maker. 

With the addition of various manufacturing and CNC equipment, BMC acquired contract manufacturing capabilities to serve the southeast Wisconsin area.  Presently, BMC manufactures press automation equipment in addition to contract CNC machining and tube bending.
Prime Controls is a leader in double sheet detection, providing products and services to the canmaking, automotive, appliance, and other metal-forming sectors.

We are the world’s supplier of double end and missing tab detectors for high-speed, easy-open end manufacturing lines for food and beverage cans. Nearly all of the cans in the world have been inspected by one of our products. The company is committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality metal sensors and controls with the best materials and the most advanced technology.
PROTECH SYSTEMS was founded in May 1978 in South Gate, California, with the goal of becoming the industry leader in manufacturing all types of machine tool guarding.

Since then, PROTECH has experienced steady growth and industry respect as a result of offering economical and practical solutions to machine tool guarding and automation.
Stop the SHOCK with W-Technologies Hydraulic Shock Dampers.

W-Technologies Hydraulic Dampers designs and builds a line of standard hydraulic shock dampers that when installed in blanking process can eliminate the break through shock. 

W-Technologies shock dampers are designed to provide a counter pressure force, upward, at the moment of part breakthrough. Properly sized and adjusted, our shock dampers will eliminate the reverse load or tonnage during blanking. They will also allow you to increase your blanking capacity (tonnage) on each press that has dampers.

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