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COE Press Equipment’s New Alligator Peeler-Dekinker Station

Production Resources Team
September 14, 2011

Our principal supplier for heavy duty coil handling and feeding equipment, Coe Press Equipment Corporation, has introduced a new peeler/threader station for their powered stock straighteners. This new design is available on new powered straighteners and can be added or retrofitted to existing Coe powered straighteners.

Coe press equipment's alligator peeler-dekinker station

COE Press Equipment's Alligator Peeler-Dekinker Station

“COE Press Equipment has developed a new Alligator Peeler-Dekinker Station for more efficient peeling and threading of a wide range of material thickness and widths. To meet the requirements of various applications, COE offers 3 different models of the Alligator Peeler with modular designs for both top and bottom payoff. This new design differs from standard Peeler Stations in that it doesn’t require a specific gap between the lower peeler and fixed dekinker blade in order to dekink the leading edge of the coil.

The Alligator Peeler has a two-axis peeler table with a telescoping blade to peel the leading edge of the coil. The upper dekinker table is mounted for independent or simultaneous operation with the peeler table. The dekinker table has a motorized threading roll to assist in pulling off the leading edge of the coil. Once the material is pinched between the upper threading roll and peeler table, the entire assembly is lowered to achieve effective dekinking. The Alligator Peeler is used in combination with a reel-mounted Hold Down and Motorized Endwheel for effective and safe threading of heavy gauge and high strength materials.”

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