Servo and Air Feeds for Coil Fed Presses

Coil stock feeds for mechanical, hydraulic, and servo driven power presses

Coe press mount servo

Press mount Servo with adjustable passline bracket

Servo driven programmable press feeds reduce setup time, improve accuracy, and minimize misfeeds. Setup is simple and fast facilitating quick die change. Feed lengths are easily programmed from .001” to 999.99” using a press or console mounted user interface. Most models have built in job memory for instant recall. Servo feeds are simple to operate and maintain. They will operate for millions of cycles without significant maintenance. Servo’s operate on electricity and consume minimal air.

Servo feeds are available to handle a wide variety of coil stock including flat metal, wire, paper, or composites. Standard and heavy duty models are designed to handle stock widths from 12” to 72”, usually sized in 6” increments. Stock thicknesses from .004” to .500” can be handled depending on model. Speed is relative to feed length but speeds up to 300 spm may be achievable.

Compact servo models are available with width capacity from 2” to 12” and are better at handling lighter gauge materials <.100” thick. Higher press speeds are possible with the smaller compact servo. Specific models with servo pilot release for very high speed presses may operate up to 1500 spm at short feed lengths.

Rapid Air miniservos

Servos can operate in a push or pull configuration or a combination of push/pull where two feeds are used on either side of the operation. Push/pull systems are typically used where flat stock is pushed in and the scrap skeleton is pulled out.

Designs are available with pull through straighteners but typically operate with an independent powered straightener providing a free loop to the feed.

Our servos can interface directly with Wintriss press automation or similar controls to control feed advance, pilot release, feed completion angle, and feed length.

COE ServoMaster touchscreen

Feed accuracy is typically +/- .003” or better

Servo feeds can operate in a feed slave to press mode or press slave to feed. Feeds can be programmed to produce an output at feed completion to trigger a shear, press, or similar device.

Unlike mechanical press driven roll and hitch feeds servo’s are not directly connected to the press cycle and feed timing can be adjusted. It’s best to use a programmable limit switch to adjust the start of the feed cycle such that feeding starts as soon as the tool has opened and punches have cleared the material. The length/duration of the feed cycle is usually controlled by the feed’s motion control and may be user adjusted. The feed advisor option optimizes feed start angle, feed completion angle, speed, and feed length.

Servo feed prices are directly related to stock width, thickness, and speed capacity. Compact press mount models to handle 2” wide stock start at around $5,000. A typically equipped servo feed to handle 12” wide x .120” thick mild steel costs about $15,000. Larger heavier duty feeds cost significantly more.

Tailout feeds

Tailout Feeds

Tailout servo feeds are a specialized type of servo feed used to minimize scrap where the primary feed can’t be located close to the die. These feeds are often retrofitted to an existing blanking line, progressive press line, or transfer press and are mounted to the exit side of a primary servo feed.

They telescope over the bolster area to feed the tail of the coil into the die. These feeds can be used for jog or continuous operation.


Air Feeds

Air feeds available in a variety of models to handle various stock width, thickness, and pitch length requirements. Flat and round stock can be accommodated.

Air operated gripper feeds are available in designs that grip material from the side or bridge style that grip from the top. Both types move material between two positive stop positions. The side gripper style was commonly used for feeding heavier stock and is largely being replaced by servo feeds.

Rapid air feed on press

Press mount air feed

The bridge style air feeds are still popular and are often small enough to mount directly to the tooling.

Small air feeds for stock widths from 1.5” to 12” are very affordable and start at < $1,000. Stock thickness varies with model and may range from .002” to .125” thick. Models are also sized by feed/pitch length generally starting at 0-2” and progressing up to 0-20” models. Feeds may be coupled with a multi-stroke option to achieve longer feed lengths.

Air feed accuracy can be as good as +/- .001” dependent on air pressure and how well the feed is maintained.

These feeds are simple, easy to understand, and easy to operate and adjust.

Air feeds will typically operate 2-3 million cycles before rebuild is necessary.


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