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Inmark Enterprises' DUR-A-LITE Die Lights

Shining a Light on Innovation

When it comes to industrial lighting, making the right choice is crucial for durability and performance.  Since 1988, Inmark Enterprises has been a pioneer in setting the standard for industrial lighting with the DUR-A-LITE Industrial Machine and Work Light.

In 1988, a visionary partnership was forged between Inmark Enterprises, Elkhart Indiana, and General Manufacturing, Bluffton, Indiana, with a bold goal: to revolutionize industrial lighting. The mission was clear – bid farewell to the hot, fragile incandescent lights that adorned shop-room floors and usher in a new era of durability and safety.

The result of this collaboration? The birth of the DUR-A-LITE Fluorescent Industrial Machine and Work Area Light. For almost four decades, it stood as a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

Fast forward to today, and Inmark's commitment remains unwavering. Over the years, they've introduced new models and configurations, including cutting-edge LED lights that uphold the same meticulous standards as their fluorescent counterparts.

Recent advancements in LED technology have allowed Inmark to take a giant leap forward  by transitioning all fluorescent models to LED, offering enhanced durability and superior light quality. Even more remarkable is that their LED lights are available at the same or even lower prices than their fluorescent counterparts.

Inmark Enterprises has an extensive selection of lighting products and a vast inventory, allowing them to match a solution to your application and ship your product within 24 hours. Need a custom solution? No problem – they can also typically build a custom light to your specifications within 2 to 3 weeks.

DUR-A-LITE Lights & Polycarbonate Brilliance

Inmark DUR-A-LITE lights are designed to endure the harshest industrial environments, providing unparalleled durability and performance. What sets them apart? The outer tube, where all the electronic components are housed, is crafted from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. Here's why this matters:

Impact Resistance:

Polycarbonate's robust nature complements the DUR-A-LITE's mission to withstand extreme shock and vibration. It ensures the lights can endure the abuse of industrial environments, offering a level of toughness ordinary lights cannot match.

Resistance & Protection:

The DUR-A-LITE's polycarbonate outer tube acts as a shield, protecting electronic components from external contaminants such as coolants and lubricants. It ensures consistent performance even in challenging industrial conditions.

Applications & Versatility:

From metal stamping presses to plastic injection molding, lathes, and more, the DUR-A-LITE lights find applications across diverse industrial settings. Their adaptability, magnetic or fixed mounting options, and adjustable rotation make them a go-to solution.

DUR-A-LITE Machine and Work Area Lights come in various configurations, including the Slim-Line LED and Heavy-Duty LED models.

In a world where durability matters, DUR-A-LITE lights stand tall, backed by the brilliance of polycarbonate. Illuminate your industrial space with confidence!

Is your machine lighting Anti-Strobe? LED DUR-A-LITEs are!

In the fast-paced world of metal stamping, where precision meets efficiency, maintaining a safe and accurate work environment is paramount.  Elevating precision and safety in metal stamping presses, Inmark's LED lighting is anti-stobe.

Here's why Anti-Strobe LED lighting is a game-changer:

Enhanced Safety:

Say goodbye to visual illusions! Anti-Strobe LED lights eliminate potential hazards arising from misperceptions of machinery speed or position, promoting a safer workplace.

Precision and Accuracy:

Metal stamping demands meticulous attention to detail. By eliminating strobing effects, Anti-Strobe LEDs ensure operators have a clear view, enabling accurate alignment and decision-making for impeccable results.

Product Quality:

Consistency is key! Anti-Strobe lighting contributes to stable visual conditions, reducing the risk of defects and ensuring high-quality stamped parts.

Reduced Eye Strain:

Happy operators, productive outcomes! Anti-Strobe LEDs provide a flicker-free environment, reducing eye strain and fatigue, fostering a comfortable and sustainable work atmosphere.

Regulatory Compliance:

Stay ahead of the game! Using Anti-Strobe LEDs aligns with workplace safety regulations, fostering compliance and ensuring the well-being of your workforce.

Increased Productivity:

Illuminate success! A well-lit and stable environment enhances productivity by minimizing errors and delays, allowing operators to focus on what they do best.



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