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Colt Automation Space Saver Coil Processing Feed Line. Model: CSSU 40-42

First job run for this new Colt CSSU 40-42 Space Saver Coil Processing Feed Line at a customer facility in the Midwest, paired with a Danly #stampingpress to make auto parts.

When running thicker material; in this case 0.140” x 16” W, the Space Saver runs in “pull off mode” utilizing a back loop and advanced servo piloting technology.

This reliable Colt Space Saver has all the functionality of a conventional line with various automated features, but using a much smaller footprint on the shop floor.

Colt Automation Space Saver with Servo Piloting

The All-New Colt Automation Space Saver with Servo Piloting running in "pull off mode", synchronized to the throughput of the Press. Full Feed Line performance in as little as 20'. Various automatic features available.

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