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This section includes technical product, application, and safety information you may find useful. The product manuals section is updated periodically and manuals listed may not be the latest versions but should be representative and suitable for selection of spare parts. You may call our customer service department at 800-863-3164 if you need a more current version. The loop control concepts section is intended to help you understand coil feeding line configurations and the slack loop/pit concepts. We’ve also included a link to a coil feeding calculator to assist in determining coil weights and production run time. Our Application Engineers can provide you personal assistance to configure a coil feeding system to your exact needs or assistance with upgrading an existing line with modern technology. They can help you upgrade from an air feed system to a servo feed and/or upgrade the drive and controls of an older servo feeding system.

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Technical FAQ



Die Protection Clinic


Product Brochures – Click Here

ShopFloorConnect – full brochure

ShopFlorConnect – two-page explainer


Application Notes

Press Automation – A Systems Approach

QDC Elements – a primer Elements of QDC

Quick Die Change…One Factor in the part-to-part exchange equation

Application Note: Specifying a Coil Handling & Feeding Line

Wintriss Application Note: Controlling Air Blow Off

Wintriss Application Note: Using the Wintriss Tonnage Monitor Repeatability Function

What to consider when selecting and implementing Press Automation Controls

MPI shaker conveyor helps reduce costly scrap jams and downtime


Dorner Application Notes

Edge Roller Technology

Accumulation Conveyors

FlexMove Conveyors

Vacuum Conveyors

Retractable Conveyors

Product as Pallet

1100 Series Conveyors

Pallet System Conveyors


SmartPAC Users Tips

New Features for SmartPAC PRO

50 Tips for Better Die ProtectionClick here for a round-up of 10 important tips.

 Smart Pac Pro 2 Presentation

 Die protection Sensor Disable Modes rev A

Die Protection Knowledge Base – User Tips

Wintriss SmartPAC Brake Monitor Capabilities

 Wintriss SmartPAC2 Application Note: Advantages of Advanced Load Monitoring

Wintriss SmartPAC2 Application Note: Networking & Tool Memory Backup

Wintriss SmartPAC2 Application Note: Getting the Most Out of the SmartPAC2 Counters System

Ethernet Connectivity

Using your Programmable Limit Switch

SmartPAC2 Global Cams

SmartPAC Setup_Sheets

User Tips – Batch Counters

Advance Load Monitoring SmartPAC2 user tips

Resource PDFs

PDF ICON Metal-Stamping-and-Scrap-Handling – courtesy of MPI

PDF ICON Double Sheet Detection Explained – courtesy of Prime Controls

successful-press-installations-a-newsletter-from-vibro-dynamics – courtesy of Vibro/Dynamics

 Press Maintenance Advice Hydraulic Overload 101 – courtesy of Sutherland Presses

 Cost Benefits of Shock Dampeners

 Hydraulic shock dampers tech article-2

 Press Maintenance Tip – 1 ACB / Air Counter Balance 101 – tip is courtesy of Sutherland Presses

Overall Equipment Effectiveness – OEE measurement, reporting, and scheduling systems

CLICK HERE to find more information on OEE Monitoring System and scheduler

Press Automation Control System Total Cost Analysis

Coil Feeding vs. Blank Feeding for Transfer Operation

Reference Formulas & Technical Information

Conveyor Brochure


Safety & OSHA Compliance Information

PDF IconMinimize Conveyor Injury Risks with Safeguarding – courtesy of Rockford Safety Equipment

PDF IconProductivity, Safety, and Ergonomic Considerations for Hand-fed Presses

xls iconpress inspection FORMS PDF

xlss-icon press inspection FORMS XLS

Are Your Press Brakes Safe?

Application Note: Is It Time to Consider Upgrading Your Press Clutch/Brake and Automation Controls?

Application Guideline for Proper Use of Light Curtains

Press Brake Alternative Guarding Methods

Power Press OSHA/ANSI Control Compliance

Power Press Safety Control – System Considerations for Used Machines

Light Curtain Application Issues – “Walk Thru Hazards”

Full Revolution Clutch Mechanical Power Presses

Lockout – Tagout During Die Change

Guidelines for Safety Distance Calculations When Using Light Curtain Blanking Functions

SAFETY DISTANCE Calculator for “Point of Operation” Light Curtain Guarding


Coil Feeding Calculator

Use this Coil Feeding Calculator to determine coil weights and production run time.
Coil Feeding Material Calculator


Rapid-Air Manuals

Air Feed Parts List

Linear Transfer Automation Brochure

Click Here to find Linear manuals


Loop Control Concepts: Slack Loops

Purpose: Material storage to supply the feed while the unwinder /decoiler/straightener accelerates to line speed. To absorb and store material while the unwinder decelerates after the feed stops; storage requirement is based on speed and feed length-vs.-acceleration rate of the unwinder.

The amount of material stored is equal to the total slack length minus the straight line length. Storage is increased by greater depth not length. Rule of thumb: 2 to 3 times feed length in slack for best operation. Types of Slack Loops include Horizontal, Overhead and paddle.

Straight Line Length

Straight Line Length


Horizontal Loop

Horizontal Loop


Overhead Loop

Overhead Loop


Paddle Loop

Paddle Loop

Loop Size and Accumulation Chart
Using The Chart: Select material thickness and passline intersect LENGTH shows desired loop length and STORED shows amount of slack
Loop Depth Material Passline Height

Some newer coil feeding design concepts challenge conventional space and slack loop/pit requirements. Space saver coil feed lines are now available that incorporate an integrated reel, and powered feeder straightener combination. This design greatly reduces floor space requirements. Servo feeds integrated with pull through straighteners also offer opportunity for space savings but require careful evaluation of application parameters.

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