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Electro-Mechanical Probes & Grounding-Style Sensors

Production Resources is your source for electro-mechanical probes and grounding-style sensors specifically designed to integrate with a variety of die protection systems.

DMO(2)5-1A Buckling Sensors

This sensor is used with coil fed presses and is used to detect misfeeds caused by the material buckling as the press feed advances material into the die. The sensor mounts between the feed and the die. The arms are adjustable which determines the amount of buckle tolerated. A wire assembly is provided that connects to a Wintriss die protection control or sensor interface and is commonly connected to a “yellow” normally open sensor input. The sensor causes a fault when the coil stock provides a path to ground through either of the probe arms.

Dmo(2)5-1a buckling sensors
Dmo(2)5-1a buckling sensors

DF05 End of Material Sensor

This sensor is used with coil fed press lines and is used to detect the end of the coil and send a stop signal to a Wintriss die protection control before the tail of the coil enters a straightener or feeder. The sensor is installed such that the flag rides on the stock keeping it away from the lower post. When the material runs out and the flag drops the sensor “grounds”. A wire assembly is included and the sensor is normally connected as a “yellow” normally open input to the control.

Df05 end of material sensor
Df05 end of material sensor


DB/M05 Short Feed Sensor

This spring set grounding sensor is used to detect short feeds in coil fed operations. It is mounted at the end of the die such that material will make contact in the fully fed position. The sensor is normally used with a Wintriss die protection control to provide a “green” cyclic input. The sensor may be used in a horizontal position with the round end facing the material target or in a vertical position with the round end removed and the spring facing up. A wire assembly is included.

Dm m05 short feed sensor
Db/m05 short feed sensor

Wintriss Probes

Electro-mechanical spring tip probes are designed for use with Wintriss die protection controls or equivalent systems. The probes are supplied with a wire assembly that connects to the die protection control or sensor interface. The DWI and DWM are “grounding” sensors and turn on when the probe tip finds electrical ground through the part. These sensors are commonly used as a “green” cyclic input to a die protection control indicating a part is in place or has been ejected. The DWM and SWG series is available with a 3” or 6” long body.

Wintriss probes
Wintriss probes

The SWG is a switch probe for use where the target piece part cannot provide a path to ground and must have the probe body grounded to work. When the SWG probe tip is moved internal contacts contact the probe body and send a signal to the control.

Magnetic bases for electro-mechanical sensors
Magnetic bases for electro-mechanical sensors

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