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Prime Controls double sheet detectors are trusted by the top automakers from around the world.

Backed by 25+ years of experience, Prime Controls’ extensive line of world-class double sheet detection solutions improve your bottom line, boost product quality, and ramp up your manufacturing efficiency.

When double sheets of metal are unintentionally fed into a machine, the additional thickness can cause significant damage to tools and dies or create a double stamped defective product.

This damage can shut your production line down while repairs are underway, leaving you with lost profits and unplanned expenses, or even worse—a refused shipment due to defective double stamped products, assuming the defective product somehow made it out of your plant.

Prime Controls can help you avoid this challenge.

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Prime Controls innovative double sheet detection product line is setting a higher standard for quality, reliability, and accuracy for manufacturers.



Click Here for a White Paper by Prime Controls on Double Sheet Metal Detection Methods!

DS210 System

Single-probe, contacting double sheet detector for ferrous metals (steel and tinplate) with pulse and release technology.

Smart and smarter, this Double Sheet Detection System, when paired with an electromagnetic, smart sensor, uses pulse and release technology, where the sensor will take the reading and release the sheet for easy sheet transfer. Well suited for pick and place and end of arm robotic transfer applications. Additional features include multiple calibration memory, remote calibration and setup, compact design, convenient mounting, and wash down safe.

Prime Controls DS210 Series Group


DS600 Series

Suitable double sheet detector for thin to thick non-ferrous metals. Single sensor, non-contact, and non-marring. Perfect for aluminum auto body parts manufacturing, where the trend toward using more and more aluminum is becoming widespread.
Prime Controls DS600 Group Large

DS150 Series

Dual-probe, non-contacting double sheet detection systems for all metal types.

A DS150 Series control includes a nice range of controls, including everything from basic to ultimate features. When paired with two non-contacting double sheet sensors, it can measure a wide range of thicknesses for all metal types.

These control systems detect double sheet instances, where the metal is able to pass between the sensor for a non-contacting, non-marring solution. Perfect for sheet feeders for the automotive, canmaking, and other metal forming industries.

Prime Controls DS150 Series Group

DS60 Series

Simple, compact, low-cost double sheet detection system. Powerful, yet just 18mm in diameter, this single-probe detector delivers the same great double sheet detection with added features and flexibility for thin steel and other ferrous metals.

Low cost single-probe, contacting double sheet detection system for thin steel and ferrous metals.

Simple, small, low cost. Innovatively packaged double sheet detection systems. Small, but powerful, this compact, double sheet detector control is just 18mm in diameter, but delivers the same great double sheet detection with added features and flexibility for thin steel and other ferrous metals when sensing from only one side is possible.

Prime Controls DS60 Series Group - 1

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