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June 10, 2024

Colt Automation - Coil handling and feeding equipment

  • Servo feeds
  • Thread tables
  • Powered straighteners,
  • Coil cradles,
  • Payout reels
  • Coil cars
  • Complete feed lines
  • Turnkey installation

Call Chris Jones for application assistance and/or quotes for your coil handling and feeding equipment needs. 615-714-1000,

Colt Automation Conventional Coil Processing Feed Line built for a top automotive manufacturer.

Colt automation conventional coil processing feed line built for a top automotive manufacturer.
Colt Automation Conventional Coil Processing Feed Line: Description Below.

It features:

  • A heavy-duty, non-powered, traveling single Uncoiler with Coil Car combination.
  • A heavy-duty hydraulically operated Peeler/Threader with hold down arm and powered threading wheel
  • A heavy-duty 7-roll, powered Straightener with Alligator Head. An ideal feature for easy access cleaning when running marking sensitive material.
  • A Colt pivot-style Threading Table and a heavy-duty electronic servo roll Feeder

This specific Colt Feed Line can process material gauges up to 0.12" thick (3.05mm) and material width up to 72", plus maximum speed-payoff rate 250'/min (24.4mtrs/min).

Colt can customize Coil Processing & Press Feed Line equipment for coil weights: 1,000-70,000 lbs, coil widths: 6”-84”, and most materials from thick AHSS down to thinner aluminum. High-speed Servo Piloting is available equipped with the latest controls features & software fabrication.

Need a new power press? Call Production Resources for help selecting the right Eagle press for your stamping requirements

Eagle press: forming the future promotional photo

Eagle press types: hydraulic, mechanical, servo, gap frame


Dorner conveyors for automated processes

Dorner's DualMove pallet conveyor

Dorner's dualmove pallet conveyor
Dorner's DualMove pallet conveyor

Grouping of dorner conveyor types

Dorner's DualMove pallet conveyor helps manufacturers meet customer demand with a modular design ideal for automated manufacturing processes.

DualMove pallet systems are suited for:

  • Medium to large-sized part movement
  • Product routing and control
  • Product inspection
  • Assembly automation

Sizes & Measurements

  • Belt width: 25 mm
  • Standard pallet widths: 160, 240, 320, 400, 480, 640, and 800 mm
  • Custom widths available between 140-800 mm in 5 mm increments


  • Mid Drive: 500-7,500 mm (20 in-24.6 ft)
  • End Drive: 300-3,800 mm (12 in-12.5 ft)

Loads and Speeds

  • Mid Drive
    • Conveyor Load Capacity:
      • 569 kg (1250 lbs) non-accumulating
      • 284 kg (626 lbs) accumulated
  • End Drive
    • Conveyor Load Capacity:
      • 365 kg (805 lbs) non-accumulating
      • 185 kg (408 lbs) accumulated
  • Pallet capacity of 14-45 kg (30 to 100 lbs)
  • Speeds up to 66 mpm (215 fpm)


We're ready to help you with all your conveying, safety and pressroom equipment needs.

We handle:

  • Eagle - straightside mechanical and servo presss 80-1200 tons
  • Linear Transfer Automation - servo driven transfer systems
  • Dorner Conveyors - low profile belted conveyors for part and scrap handling
  • Pax Products - shaker & slug removal conveyors - in die lubrication systems
  • RapidAir - light & medium duty air/servo feeds, pallet decoilers, & straighteners
  • Colt - servo feeds, stock straighteners, coil reels, pallet decoilers
  • Wintriss - Press automation & safety controls

Call Chris Jones 615-714-1000 or email for in-plant application assistance, OSHA/ANSI compliance surveys, and Quotes.

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