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Guidelines for Selecting Light Curtains

Content includes:

A Basic Education on Light Curtains
Is Your Press a Good Candidate for Light Curtains?
Safety Governance
Installation Factors
Pass-Through Hazard
Over, Under, Around and Through
Using Mirrors with Light Curtains
Periodic Testing
What to Do if a Light Curtain Stops Functioning

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Coe Press Equipment

Coe Press Equipment – Coil Feed Line Upgrades

Coe Press Equipment – Performance upgrades

Controls Upgrades

A simple controls upgrade can help you gain productivity in affordable ways. COE offers control packages that can be quickly implemented into existing lines, whether the original equipment is COE or produced by another manufacturer.

ServoMaster® Touch.
Available in six different drive sizes from 2” – 8” in diameter and 6” – 78” wide.

High Power Retrofits (COE HPR).
For any size roll feed, DC motors from 50 – 500 HP
SyncMaster® integrated controls. Allows operators to manage feed and straightener
functions, setups and diagnostic reviews from a single, user-friendly touchscreen.

Mechanical Upgrades
If your existing feeds, straighteners, and reels are functioning, but seem to be a bit challenged by throughput requirements or new materials, there are a number of improvements that COE can provide to boost your productivity.

Straightener Capacity.
Straighteners can be upgraded and/or retrofit to effectively process today’s Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) with COE’s new, high-performance drives and motors, improved reduction packages and straightener packages designed specifically for processing AHSS.

Coil Containment.
Upgrades to the threading drive system and the addition of hold-down arms, lower hold-up arms, and motorized end-wheels can help stampers safely process a wider variety of materials.

Load Direction Changes.
Changing the loading direction of the coil reel or the controls position on the straightener and servo feed can give stampers the flexibility to improve plant layout.

Threading Safety.
Existing coil feed lines can be upgraded with thread tables, peeler tables, debenders, and hands-free peeler/threader hold-downs to improve coil change efficiency and safety.

Motorized Line Functions.
Machine axis such as passline height setting, edge guide adjustments, and straightener roll depth settings can be effectively motorized to enhance setup speed and consistency.

Line Speed.
Upgrades to the machine drive and reducer package can double coil rate speeds—up to 100 FPM.

Coe Servo Master Feed upgrade package shown belowCoe Servo Master Feed

50 Tips for Better Die Protection

Tip # 2 listed below as an example

Improve the Press Stopping Time
The faster the press stops, the more time a die protection system has to detect problems. In addition to regular brake maintenance, the following things can improve the press’s stopping time:

  • Quick dump valves on older clutch/brake units
  • Properly, or better, automatically set counterbalance pressure
  • Valves properly sized to the press

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Pascal – quick die change

Pax Products – conveyors and lubrication systems

Rapid Air – coil feeding and handling

Seyi Press – servo and conventional power presses

Wintriss Controls – automation and safety controls

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