Wintriss Autoset 1500 Tonnage Monitors

Wintriss Autoset 1500

Wintriss Autoset 1500

Wintriss Tonnage/Load monitors display and monitor press tonnage. They help prevent press overloading and associated damage, improve die set up and assist with quick die change, provide a backup to die protection, and provide information to optimize die grind scheduling.

The Autoset 1500 provides high, low, and repeatability setpoints. Setpoint calculations are done automatically. If tonnage setpoints/limits are exceeded the press is signaled to top stop.

AutoSet 1500 Features:

  • 2 or 4-input monitoring
  • Calculates set-points automatically, based on actual load, not press capacity
  • "Plus" models protect dies by detecting excessive stroke-to-stroke variation in tonnage
  • "Plus" models also allow you to view reverse "snap-through" load. If reverse load is too high, it can damage the press.
  • Improves setups by providing tonnage information to eliminate errors in shut-height adjustments
  • Displays actual tonnages and setpoints for all four corners (both sides for 1500) of the press via large digital indicators

Did you know the Wintriss SmartPAC® 2 also functions as a load monitor?
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