Welder & Riveter Safeguarding Devices

This drop ring safeguarding device provides finger and hand protection for riveter guards, spot welders, staking presses, and similar devices. The device employs a mechanical assembly with a “drop ring” that gravity falls around the point of operation before the machine cycle. The machine’s cycle initiation begins the drop ring action, which in turn completes the cycle start process when the ring drops safely in place. If a finger, hand, or other body part prevents the ring from reaching the proper position the cycle will not start until the obstruction is cleared and the cycle re-initiated.

Positive Safety Touch o Matic

Positive Safety Touch o Matic

These riveter safeguarding devices provide economical, simple to understand and use, reliable protection for operators. Typically, users fabricate a custom “drop ring” to fit closely around the point of operation while allowing the operator to hand hold the work piece for joining. The “drop ring” returns to the up position after the stroke/cycle is completed. Devices may be configured to work with electric, pneumatic, or mechanical stroke/cycle designs.

Some systems offer an optional metal-to-metal contact feature. With this option hands/fingers must be clear of the wand and the wand must make contact with a metal work piece before a cycle starts.

These welder and riveter safeguarding devices are fast operating, and easy to adjust, maintain, and use.


  • Anti-tiedown and anti-doubletrip design eliminates successive stroke if the operator holds the initiating means down.
  • Self-checking circuit assures reliable operation on every stroke.
  • Variety of interfaces for different machines.
  • Drop ring mechanism is adjustable.

The device is easily installed on most machines. The enclosure mounts with fasteners. The drop ring assembly position is adjusted using an allen tool. Maximum wand stroke is 4”. Some applications require forming a special wand.

The control interface is simple and the device operates on a 115 vac supply. Pneumatic control interfaces are available.

SOFT TOUCH Pinch-Point Safety System

SOFT TOUCH Pinch Point Safety System

SOFT TOUCH Pinch Point Safety System

This fully passive welder and riveter safeguarding system measures electrical continuity between electrodes to keep an operator’s fingers from being injured in a pneumatic riveter, welder or other small machine.

If the electrodes detect anything besides metal between them, the electrodes will open automatically, keeping the machine from delivering high-pressure riveting or welding force onto the operator’s fingers. A display screen also warns the operator of the danger.

To keep production running smoothly, the system automatically compensates for changes in transformer tap switch position or line voltage shifts.

SOFT TOUCH riveter safeguarding device

SOFT TOUCH Riveter Safeguarding

Other important benefits of the SOFT TOUCH system include:

  • Failsafe operation
  • No operator adjustments required
  • No operator bypass possible
  • Full-electrical redundancy

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