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Dorner FlexMove Conveyors Deliver the Flexibility, Productivity Your Operation Requires

Floor space is a valuable commodity in today’s manufacturing plants and warehousing operations. Facilities are constantly expected to do more in the same amount of space, with little choice in where or how to place equipment and machinery. Conveyors can make or break a facility’s ability to put its space to optimal use. Old-style, bulky […]

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Production Resources March 2020 News

Turnkey Stamping Lines by Linear Automation Production Resources and Linear Transfer Automation to provide you a turnkey stamping line. Linear has recently installed many complete turnkey stamping lines. A turnkey system may include all or any of the following but is limited only by customer requirements: Press and control system of choice Foundation/press pit, mezzanine, […]

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Dorner Accumulation Conveyors for Your Unique Needs

Your operations aren’t always one fluid, smooth-flowing process. Sometimes, there’s overflow to be dealt with. Other times, product needs to be buffered or lines merged. In those cases, Dorner Conveyors has you covered. Using low-friction belting, their accumulation conveyors are designed specifically for these instances and much more. Here’s a quick round-up of Dorner’s accumulation conveyor lines: […]

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Press Automation – A Systems Approach

Automating a metal stamping press line is all about increasing productivity, safely! Multiple factors are involved to achieve the desired objective: Shortening setup/changeover time Reducing downtime/maximizing uptime Allowing a single operator to tend multiple presses Increasing speed (spm) where possible Improving part quality Employing easy to use and effective safeguards The press itself is a […]

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Newsletter – October 2019

Production Resources Incorporated News October 2019 Convert any press into a fully programmable transfer press. Leasing companies treat servo transfers as capital equipment, which can free up initial cash requirements for financing the automation. Many stampers that have retrofitted their older presses into transfer presses have experienced a growth curve in their bottom lines and […]

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Newsletter – August 2019

In this Issue: • Specialty Servo Feeds • Conveyor Safety • Data Collection • New Tech Information Waddington Servo Feeds to handle special shapes Need a servo feed to accurately feed or index special shaped material? Waddington makes custom feeds to handle formed shapes, u-channels, wire, round stock, and most anything else you need to feed. Send us […]

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Production Resources Incorporated News May 2019

SmartPAC users – have you considered Shop Floor Connect and how the OEE & data collection system can benefit you? ShopFloorConnect specializes in collecting real-time production data, uptime/downtime, reasons for downtime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) tracking. Our system works on the entire family of SmartPACs, including the SmartPAC 1 and the SmartPAC 2. In […]

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Newsletter – April 2019

Production Resources April 2019 News OSHA Top 10 Most Cited Violations 2018 highlighted are those of particular interest to our customers using power presses and similar equipment 1. Fall protection, construction 2. Hazard communication standard, general industry 3. Scaffolding, general requirements, construction 4. Respiratory protection, general industry 5. Control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout), general industry […]

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Newsletter – January 2019

Production Resources Incorporated News January 2019 Prime Controls Double Sheet Detection Double Sheet Detection is an important part of quality control to prevent two or more sheets of metal from entering into a process at one time. Failure to detect double sheets of metal or improper thickness can damage tools and dies, resulting in costly […]

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Swift Page Resources December 2018

Production Resources December 2018 News Considering a new press automation control? The following application note by our Steve Connolly might be helpful. Click here to read the application note SUTHERLAND 660 TON PROGRESSIVE DIE PRESS AT HONDA MEXICO The line was Designed and built to meet the Honda standards. Equipped with I-PRESS & Automaton Control […]

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Swift Page Resources October 2018

Production Resources October 2018 News Production Resources is now distributing Press Room Equipment Co., LLC manufactures of a wide range of Coil Cradles, Coil Cradle/Straightener Combinations, Air Feeds, Servo Feeds, Stock Reels, and Pallet Decoilers. Combination Cradle/Straighteners:. These machines are ideal for decoiling and straightening heavy gauge and high tensile coils. The machines feature heavy duty […]

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Newsletter – Summer 2018

Production Resources Incorporated News Summer 2018 In this Issue: “Make Die Crashes a Thing of the Past” One-Day Die Protection Clinic Wintriss Shop Floor Connect News – New Downtime Tracking Software Savings Calculator Coe Press Equipment—Straightener for AHSS Materials Coe Press Equipment—Straightener for AHSS MaterialsCoe Press Equipment—Straightener for AHSS MaterialsDorner’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement Shown […]

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