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Production Resources Summer 2021 News

New Servo Wire Feed by Rapid Air MEET OUR NEW, MECHANICALLY SUPERIOR WIRE SERVO FEED… a tough unit that was manufactured with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and is ready to deliver you the highest, most accurate production times. Choose from our WS250 with two feed rolls that maximize traction and minimize markings, or […]

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Dorner Low Profile Conveyor for Small, Lightweight Applications

Dorner’s 1100 Series Conveyor provides a wide range of advantages, especially for tight factory floors and small, lightweight applications, like small parts, small stampings, pharmaceuticals, medical and life sciences. The 1100 Series is particularly well-suited for pharmaceutical/medical applications because of its FDA-approved belt and Clean Room 100 certification. The conveyor can be backlit for inspection […]

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Production Resources Winter News 2021

New Die Protection Features for Wintriss SmartPAC PRO SmartPAC PRO AdvancedDie Protection Features SmartPAC PRO Firmware Versions 7.80 and higher include a sweeping set of additions and improvements for the SmartPAC PRO DiProPAC. We have streamlined the way we handle sensor names, expanded the enable mode selection, added new capabilities to the Yellow, Red, and […]

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Production Resources December 2019 News

Introducing SEYI mechanical and servo driven presses. PRI is pleased to distribute SEYI straight side and gap frame presses. Straight Side machines are available with tie rod and mono block construction from 80 to 2500 tons. Conventional flywheel, link motion, and servo driven models. Many models in stock for quick delivery. Call or email Chris […]

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Dorner Conveyor Application Features Product as Pallet

When a customer needed to transport 80-pound battery cells glued inside painted steel module housings through its facility, Dorner Manufacturing Corp. had a solution. Aside from the heavy weight of the batteries, another complicating factor was the need for electrostatic dissipative timing belts due to the batteries being conveyed without using pallets. Dorner based its […]

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Production Resources Fall 2020 News

WINTRISS Die Protection Clinic Now available as a Webinar Until we can do them in-person again, we’re offering our Die Protection Clinic as an online webinar! Learn the most effective methods tor sensing: Non-ejected parts Short and Long Feed problems Part transfer Stripper position Slug ejection Cam return Ejection cylinders position Double blanks Material buckling […]

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Top 10 Die Protection Tips

Good die protection is essential to a successful stamping operation. The purpose of die protection is to stop the press before damage occurs. Here are 10 of the top tips to help you prevent die damage. Know the “critical angle”. The critical angle is the last point in the press cycle where an E-stop can stop the ram […]

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Add Functionality with a Dorner Retractable Conveyor

A retractable conveyor or retracting tail from Dorner Manufacturing Corp. can add valuable flexibility and functionality to your conveyor line. Applications include: Ejecting rejected or contaminated products Routing product into multiple lines Depositing products on a tray or another conveyor Deposited products can be either placed in a pattern or simply dropped. Multiple drop zones […]

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Production Resources Summer 2020 News

Other models available for quick shipment. Call or email Chris Jones to get a quote on a press to suit your exact needs. 615-714-1000 or New Wintriss Sensors Distance-Settable Reflective Sensor – Visible Light, 20 to 80 mm Sensing Distance – For detecting parts near a background Proximity Sensor for Non Ferrous Metals – […]

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Production Resources May 2020 News

New resource material from Wintriss Guidelines for Selecting Light Curtains Content includes: A Basic Education on Light Curtains Is Your Press a Good Candidate for Light Curtains? Safety Governance Installation Factors Pass-Through Hazard Over, Under, Around and Through Using Mirrors with Light Curtains Periodic Testing What to Do if a Light Curtain Stops Functioning Read […]

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The Right Vacuum Belt Conveyor to Fit Your Needs

Vacuum belt conveyors provide a unique solution for a wide range of industries, including: Health care Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Metalworking No Fly-Aways Suction keeps the items on vacuum conveyor belts from lifting up and flying away. An internal vacuum pump that pulls air through perforations within the belt creates the seal. Vacuum conveyors are the perfect […]

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Production Resources April 2020 News

Dorner FlexMove Conveyors Deliver Flexibility & Productivity Floor space is a valuable commodity in today’s manufacturing plants and warehousing operations. Conveyors can make or break a facility’s ability to put its space to optimal use. Four characteristics to look for when seeking the best conveyor for your operation: Flexible layout – the ability to maneuver […]

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