Power Presses

Production Resources carries a complete line of mechanical, link motion, servo, and hydraulic stamping presses, including:

  • Straight Side Presses – Mechanical and Servo Presses
  • Gap Frame Presses – Single and Two Point Mechanical Presses
  • Transfer Presses

PRI Can Provide a Press or System Solution

We’re more than just a distributor of industrial power presses; we offer complete systems and solutions for all your metal stamping needs. PRI can:

  • Equip a press with a coil feeding line, quick die change system, scrap handling conveyors, in die lubrication, die protection, and press automation controls ready to make parts.
  • Coordinate with your tooling supplier to engineer the system to precisely manage tooling, production, and part quality requirements.
  • Provide foundation work, arrange transportation, and supply rigging arrangements at your facility.


» Request for a quote or contact a PRI sales associate for any questions regarding your future metal stamping capabilities.


Komatsu Servo Press Technology

Servo press design is a major advance in the stamping/forming manufacturing process. Unlike a mechanical press the Servo design replaces a conventional motor & flywheel energy storage and delivery system with a large servo motor. Komatsu designed its servo press drive as a system, incorporating standard AC servo motors and various proven torque multiplying designs that vary according to the application.

All servo models, including Gap Frame, Straight Side, and Transfer Presses, are designed to handle today’s high strength materials with controlled slide motions that can eliminate many secondary operations. Komatsu servos deliver slide accuracy and repeatability in microns, provide adjustable strokes for optimum thru-put, have fully programmable slide velocity to control reverse loading without loss of energy, and dwell for multi-processes such as in–die tapping or part insertions. The servos are virtually maintenance free and use less power than a traditional mechanical press.

View the introductory YouTube Video here:

Komatsu H1F Series

Komatsu H1F Series

H2W Solid Frame Servo-Driven Press

H2W Solid Frame Servo-Driven Press

H2F Servo-driven Straight Side Press

H2F Servo-driven Straight Side Press



» Komatsu Straight Side Presses
Straight side presses with customizable options for various tonnage applications.

» Eagle Press Straight Side Presses – Mechanical & Link Motion
Straight side presses with customizable options for various tonnage applications.

» Komatsu Gap Frame Presses – Mechanical and Servo OBS
High precision mechanical and servo gap frame presses.

» Komatsu Transfer Presses – Servo-Driven & Mechanical
Transfer presses designed for reduced power consumption and maintenance requirements.

» Eagle Press – Custom Built Mechanical Transfer Presses
Eagle custom presses can be fitted with a transfer system of your choice for specifications up to 3500 tons.

» Sutherland Presses-Single and Two Point Mechanical Presses
Sutherland Presses offer a larger variety of Single and Two Point Mechanical Presses